My Body

How to describe myself?

My skin is very light, and I rarely gets much tan,  but it doesn`t bother me much, since I live in the northern continent were it`s mostly cold anyway.

Pink set

I like my body as it is. But I like to keep it in shape, so I  walk fast / jog and exercise regularly.

Cotton tights

I am relatively slim in figure, wearing size 75 D Eu size in bra and small / medium in panty.

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I have two nice round breasts with a slight pink coloured nipples. My nipples are small like rose buds. They become stiff and hard at the slightest touch.


My tummy is a little round, but I`m working with it, heh …. Known problem when you love food!

Who Is Elisa
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My pussy I like to have smooth, so I mostly shave her. It makes it extra sensitive when touched.

My Body

I get very wet when I’m horny, and it is often!

Good morning everyone!
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My ass are round,soft but  firmed, medium sized.


Has slender smooth legs but small feet. Uses only size 37.5 or 38 in Eu size.

black stockings
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I like to care for my legs, they file, cut my nails straight, like to nail polish and love to bathe and lubricate them with cream or oil.

foot massage

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